Author's Notes:

This tool does not provide online cheating, only single-player Mods.
By using this tool, you agree to assume all potential risks and consequences on your own. The developer is not responsible for any liability.

What’s New
1. The ‘Mods’ folder of Hook (along with all user-created mod resource folders) has been moved inside the ‘NBA2K_Hook’ folder, while the ‘mods’ folder in the game’s root directory continues to be managed by the game native. (refer to the end of the post ‘Why did I move the Mods folder of Hook inside the NBA2K_Hook folder?’)

2. Custom resource folders no longer require starting with “Mod”, and 2K24 Hook now supports nested subfolders as resource folders. For example, ‘Foo/Bar’ represents the ‘Bar’ folder within the ‘Foo’ folder as a resource folder.

3. The part of the mod file loading has been refactored to provide better support for loading WAV files. Now you can mod s850.iff and PA WAV files, and have a better experience with custom soundtracks.

Credits and thanks to Author: Looyh