Author's Notes:

2K24 New Gen Scoreboard For 2K23 (2K23 Only; 2K24 version: 2K24 New Gen Scoreboard For 2K24)

+ Not a completely 1:1 restoration.
+ No 3pt score animation.

## V2 Changelog:
Vetmin and I worked together for five nights, and we achieved something new. The scoreboard has almost been recreated.

1. The right side has been changed from the Arena Name in V1 to dynamically display the stat of a player on the court (as shown in the image), including the Team Logo, Player Name, and Statistics. It usually automatically switches to display the player after a score, assist, or rebound by a player. However, it may also remain unchanged, but it changes frequently at the very least.

2. Fixed the bug where the white background of the clock and the end-of-quarter text overlapped.

3. Recreated some details to match the New Gen scoreboard:
--3.1 Added the Foul Counts.
--3.2 Added the Bonus.
--3.3 Changed the position of the Foul Notification Box from the right side in V1 to the top left, just like the New Gen.
--3.4 Added Playoffs, Finals, and MyTeam Info.
--3.5 Recreated the Team Color backgrounds.
--3.6 Recreated the bg texture Border & Shadow.
--3.7 Recreated the Timeouts.

How to use this mod?
1. Download the file (link below) and extract it.
2. Copy all the files to your mods folder.
3. Run your game and check if its working.

Credits and thanks to Author: Looyh