Raising The Head While Shooting Plugin V1.1 by Looyh | NBA 2K23

Authors's Notes:

This plugin is universal for 2K22/2K23

Fixed the problem of sometimes not looking at the basket when laying up in V1.0. Thanks to the friends in the group who helped test.
Feedback by @wxdlry1 and @Pharrell, seems to address both head sticking on free throws and hunching over half court dribbles.
(In addition, there are a few players who still don’t look up because of the shooting bag, but I think it’s OK for most players to look up, and a very few don’t think about it)

Instructions for use:
The plug-in path is placed in the compressed package, and the NBA2K_Hook folder in the compressed package is overwritten to the game directory. (The overwritten folder will be merged, and the sub-files inside will not be overwritten)
If the game is running during installation, you need to restart the game to take effect.

If you have any questions, follow and message me here JBOX PH.

Credits and thanks to Author: Looyh