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Next Gen Vibe by SportsHub (30-Team Pack) | NBA 2K22

Author's Notes:
- trying to achieve a next gen-like atmosphere
This stadium lighting mod is best paired with REAL SKIN Global v3 by SportsHub.

RESHADE is NECESSARY for this lighting mod. You can use the Next Gen Vibe ReShades included:
v1 - Regular NextGen, v2 - Cinematic NextGen
It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use both s0xx, s0xx_floor_lightmap files and use DEFAULT 2K FLOORS to achieve desired lighting.

Huge Credits to these amazing modders:
- rtomb_03 for the NextGen stanchions
- Psamyou'll for the realistic net and physics
PLS SUPPORT these amazing modders and I'd like to say Thank You as well, this wouldn't be possible without your amazing mods.❤
How to use this mod?
1. Download the file (link below) and extract it.
2. Copy all the files to your mods folder.
3. Run your game and check if its working.

If you have any questions, follow and message me here JBOX PH.

Credits and thanks to author: SportsHub
Next Gen Vibe by SportsHub (30-Team Pack) | NBA 2K22 Next Gen Vibe by SportsHub (30-Team Pack) | NBA 2K22 Reviewed by JBOX PH on 3:30 AM Rating: 5
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