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How to play MyCareer Offline NBA 2K22

1.  Make sure first you have Cheat Engine App installed
Get it here:

2. Download the Cheat Engine table link below.

3. After you downloaded the Cheat Engine table run your game first then run the Cheat Engine table.
Once its running click the monitor icon with green box around it.

4. Select your NBA 2K22 then click open. Then just click yes on the confirmation,

5. After that put a check on all boxes like below.

6. Once done go to your game and click MyCareer you can now start MyPlayer Builder.

7. Once inside the MP Builder go back to cheat engine table to manually type in the surname and name.
Double click the value just like in the pic then manually type your preferred surname. Do the same thing with the name.

8. Just finish all the setup for MP Builder and you can now enjoy playing MyCareer Offline.

If you have any questions, follow and message me here JBOX PH.

MyCareer Cheat Engine Table
Credits and thanks to author: Grim Reefer
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