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How to install Sneakers Color Sharing Pack by One Ride | NBA 2K21

Author's Notes:

The sneakers are based on the actual sneaker colors that have been sold, the player PE colors, and the colors are based on the pictures that can be found. Since the shoes are not made by textures, it is inevitable that there will be color differences. In the editor, I try to use different materials and colors to achieve color differences to make the shoes look more layered. There will be more than 250 pairs in the follow-up (custom shoes only have 250 grids) like to leave a message and support!

*It is forbidden to integrate any major supplements

* The color matching file is replaced with the Settings file, so some of your original game settings need to be changed by yourself after replacement! !

V1.0 72 pairs of sneakers
V1.5 New total of 32 pairs of sneakers: 104 pairs
V1.6 New total of 25 pairs of sneakers: 129 pairs
V2.0 New total of 70 pairs of sneakers: 199 pairs ((Added to 2.0 and many colors I’m not satisfied with the follow-up update slowly and update 250 pairs first) The
follow-up update will make up for the brand Converse New Balance that did not match before. Delete some sneakers with too many colors, such as the unsatisfactory ones in AJ35.
Special thanks to the dog brother who has always used the color matching

operation method is as follows:

sneaker color and GS(Settings ):
2K21 storage path\steam\userdata\your steamID\1225330\remote
AJ35 regional color matching change file into the path: E:\steam\steamapps\common\NBA 2K21\Mods\shoes
Please copy and back up your Settings file , And then copy and paste the downloaded Settings file into it, otherwise I will not be responsible for the damage to the Settings file!!

Credits and thanks to author: One Ride
Version 2.0

Version 2.5

Version 3.0

Version 3.5

Version 3.6

Version 4.0

Hope this video will help you. If you have any questions, like and message me here JBOX PH

How to install Sneakers Color Sharing Pack by One Ride | NBA 2K21 How to install Sneakers Color Sharing Pack by One Ride | NBA 2K21 Reviewed by JBOX PH on 12:52 AM Rating: 5
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